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Activities / Agenda / Veranstaltungen


Dec 28 - Jan 1     Silvester Celebration (Khankah Samark)
New Year Retreat & Celebration
From Wednesday dinner until Jan. 1st, late lunch.
Retreat and celebration to look back in gratitude for what 2016 has brought us
and to look forward to unfolding of some of our next steps in life in 2017.
German or English/German spoken.
Feb 25 - March 4     Samark Winter Retreat (Khankah Samark)
The Art of Prayer
From Saturday evening (dinner) till Saturday morning (breakfast)
After many retreats on the Prayers of Hazrat Inayat Khan, we now let the Gitas of Hazrat Inayat Khan
with Murshid SAM's commentary and other writings guide us to deeper understanding
of prayer as such.
We also will focus on some of the well-known prayers in the Dances.
With Dances of Universal Peace, Storytelling, Sesshin, Feedback sessions,
Guitar classes in the afternoon with Arjuna etc.
Click here (EN or DE) for more info.
English/German spoken
17 - 18  Weekend Bremen
Gib Nahrung unserem Körper, unserem Herzen, unserer Seele
Our yearly short Sufi and Dance weekend retreat in Bremen.
Contact Renate at E-mail
Click here for more info
German spoken.
6 - 9     The Art of Dance Leading (Khankah Samark)
Return Again
Return weekend for the participants of the Dance Training 2015/16 and others who want to train with us or deepen their dance experience.
Please E-mail us or click here (DE) for more info.
English/German spoken  
13 - 16 Russian Spring Retreat (Moscow, Russia)
The Inner Life (after Hazrat Inayat Khan)
After many years leading this Retreat in Saratov, we now return to Russia's capital for a residential retreat outside of Moscow.
An ideal way for non-Russians to experience the beauty & flavor of the Russian Dance circles.
Feel free to contact us if you want to join us. 
Russian speakers: contact Marina Kamila Savelyana at E-mail
English spoken with Russian translation
6 Dance Day Dublin (Ireland)
Healthy Living
This year, we'll dedicate our yearly dance day in Dublin to Inayat Khan's and Murshid SAM's writing on Health & Healing.
Contact Zahira Noor at E-mail
11 - 14 Guitar Weekend (Khankah Samark)
With Wali and Arjuna
Guitar weekend for techniques and attunement to accompanying the Dances of Universal Peace.
Max. 8 people.
German spoken.
Click here for more info
19 - 21  Dance Weekend Algarve (Portugal)
In the Garden of the Heart
After many years, we return to beautiful Algarve to support the Portuguese dance circle to work with the psychology and spirituality of the Heart.
Feel free to join us!
Click here for more info
Contact Anne Rasquin at E-mail
2 - 5         Samark Pentecost Retreat (Khankah Samark)
Give sustenance to our bodies, hearts and souls
Friday 18:00 - Monday late lunch
As in previous years, we dedicate the Pentecost Retreat to a line of one of the Prayers of Hazrat Inayat Khan.
By focusing on this line from Saum, we hope to receive provision for our daily life.
Click here for more info (EN or DE)
English/German spoken  
24 - July 1   Ruhaniat Summer School (Proitzer Mühle, Germany) 
Annual gathering of the EU Sufi family with EU Sufi teachers. 
Special guest: Tasnim Fernandez from the USA, co-founder of the Internation Dance Network.
English/German spoken   
5 - 12     Samark Summer Week (Khankah Samark)
Rumi's Seven Advices
This year, we will focus on Rumi's Seven Advices. These connect our inner being with our outer behavior and are excellent tools to work with, also outside this retreat. With DUP, stories and poetry, chanting and practices, Sesshin, a possible visit to EIAB, zikr and ritual. By sharing, we will deepen each of the advices.
NB: Please register very early, as in previous years this week already filled up in January. 
Clicke here for more info (EN or DE).
NB: Only few places left. No more single rooms
English/German spoken 
7 - 10       Sufi Year Group (Khankah Samark)
The Sufi Path of Love and Understanding
In this first weekend of a series of 5 on the Sufi Path, we will explore some of the main themes of classical and universal Sufism. Through the Sufi psychology of the nafs (ego), we will work with our own inner being, trying to find our way ‘toward the One'. The first weekend is open for all, depending on availability. The other weekends only for those who subscribe to the whole series.
The next weekend is on October 19 - 22, 2017.
Dates for 2018: April 12 - 15; June 7 - 10 and September 6 - 9.
See the brochure (EN or DE) for more info.
NB: Only few places left.
English/German spoken
23 - 24 Dance Weekend Hamburg (Germany)
Send us the Peace 
Yoga Centrum Hamburg. 
Contact Heinz Scheffler 
German spoken     
12 - 15       Sufi & Buddhist Retreat EIAB (Waldbröl, Germany)
The Heart of compassion
with Wali & Ariënne and Bi Nghiem (Sister Ingrid)
We will partly follow the daily routine of the monastery and its sisters and brothers. We will mix this experience with the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan & Murshid SAM, who was both a Sufi and a Zen Master. Participants pay for their stay in EIAB. Honoraria is dana (self-chosen donation).
Registration: E-mail 
German spoken
19 - 22   Sufi Year Group (Khankah Samark) 
The Sufi Path of Love and Understanding 
Second weekend of a series of 5.
Only open for participants to the whole series.
16 - 19 Samark Sesshin (Khankah Samark)
Zen & Zikr
From Thursday evening dinner until Sunday, late lunch.   
In a Sesshin, we alternate dancing with meditating. 
To further the inner process, part of the weekend will be in silence.
Click here (DE or EN) for more info
German spoken
25 - 26 Dance Weekend Glastonbury (England)
Theme to be announced
Contant Anthony E-mail
English spoken     
December 8 - 10 De Weyst Winter Weekend (Handel, Eindhoven area, Netherlands)
The Art of Remembrance
Click here (NL) for more info
Dutch spoken

Dec. 28 - Jan 1     Silvester Celebration (Khankah Samark)
New Year Retreat & Celebration
From Thursday dinner until Jan. 1st, late lunch.
Retreat and celebration to look back in gratitude for what 2017 has brought us
and to look forward to unfolding of some of our next steps in life in 2018. 
Click here (DE or EN) for more info.
English/German spoken.


Diving in the Ocean of Mother India
A Holiday Retreat with Wali & Ariënne
Special Theme: The Bhagavad Gita
Goa, India  January 21 – 31, 2018
Click here for more info (EN, DE, RU)

NB: Because of this Holiday Retreat, there will be no Winter Retreat in Khankah Samark in 2018.

PDF of Khankah Samark Program 2017  (EN or DE)

See also our preliminary program for 2017 (English only)

For all events at Khankah Samark
You secure your place with a down payment of € 50,= (€ 90 for single room) for weekends
or € 100,= (€ 190,= for single room) for week events.
Single rooms are best guaranteed by a very early downpayment (see below).
Please also check out our cancellation policy (see below).

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